Thursday, April 25, 2013

Goal tracking - update

I went into a shopping spree.

I decided that I needed better sounds and some awesome synths to complement some of my music. I had to take out flutes and violins from one of my songs because they sounded so wrong :-) Synths I need because I like electro and I plan to make more, with some layered guitars and stuff. So I went for Komplete Elements from Native Instruments. It's got all the basic sounds I need, plus some awesome synths plus a sample engine and also guitar effects to complement my Line6 POD if I need to. For $60.

It came with a voucher so I decided to buy The Mouth from the same company. Turn your voice into anything: beats, sounds, ... Can't wait to try it :-)

Finally, the last piece of the puzzle: a bass guitar. Yes! A found a Peavey Grind (new: $600) for about $130 used. I plan to replace the crappy midi stuff in my songs with some direct input bass and trigger/mix samples into that to get some better sounds. Can't wait to try it as well :-)

Budget wise, I was down to $270, minus Elements ($60) minus Mouth ($60) minus the bass (130) and I'm left with... $20.

I still need a good reverb plugin. Although I have been testing a few of them, I can't say I'm happy with what I see :-( Valhalla still makes more sense and looks easier to use. I'd go under my budget for the year, and we haven't reached end of April yet :-) We'll see. I might pull the trigger if I continue to struggle with adding space and context into my mixes, although thanks to The Recording Lounge podcast, I have learned that addind delay instead of reverb might just do the trick in some cases. More later :-) (maybe...)

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