Sunday, April 14, 2013

Drums are in!

I made my choice for a Drum Virtual Instrument that I can trigger from MIDI through my drumset or use predefined tweakable grooves: Addictive Drums by XLNAudio.

It's one the standards with Steven Slate's, EZDrummer, BFD2 and a few others.

Why AD? Well, I get the kits I need (I added the ReelMachine pack for electro sounds), I get the customization I need. I tested it and it doesn't suck out a lot of resources. And I like the way the drum doesn't sound "BIG" like a lot of others VSTs do. BIG sounding drums may sound big all right, but will most likely be hard to fit into a mix.

Price? I got both the VST + the bundle for under $160 :-) If you wanna know how, subscribe :-)

Next: replacing all the crappy drum sounds in my music, and see if it makes a difference.

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