Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Speaker / listening position placement

I was listening to some music on my speakers the other day and I noticed a very nasty boost at some unknown fairly low frequency, making certain section of a bass line atrociously ring.

For some reason, I yanked my head back in surprise or disgust - and the ringing was gone.

Thing is, that head movement might have been a few inches back.

I then proceeded to play around with my listening position (sitting in the same spot, mind you, I am lazy after all) and it is amazing how the sound changes, even a few inches in or out.

Next step is to go to the first step: better place my speakers so that I can actually measure sound bouncing around with REW. But for that, I need to buy longer cables - and most likely find a better way to conneect my speakers with my interface.

But that's for another day.


  1. So where are the tunes? You going to post any of your recordings?

  2. This blog is not about the music I make but about how I see music recording, home studio, music production, etc. Posting the tunes will be done somewhere else, because posting them here would only show how bad of a musician I am :-) I might however post soundclips to demonstrate certain audio ideas/concepts.