Saturday, July 7, 2012


I finally got Reaper to accept MIDI drums coming from my Yamaha DTX-500 set. I have been too lazy to bother, thinking it would take me too much time.

It did take time because, well, I'm a n00b and I did it the wrong way first: have my son hit each pad individually, see in the VST in Reaper to what note that pad corresponds, then proceed to determine to which VST note it should correspond since that can't be changed in the VST. But it can on the drum set. Capito? So in the middle of all this I get confused. And I have to start over.

So I sit at the drum set and decide to check for each pad what the programmed note is. Alle-f*cking-luja! Simply hit the pad and change the destination note: the VST will play whatever note the incoming signal corresponds to, so you can change it on the fly. 10 minutes later, the setup is done.

Of course, there's a bit of latency, but that's always better than those crummy MIDI-based drum loops I'm currently using.

I hope.

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